nonexistent production company.

released films:

Winter Vision (Visione Invernale, 2006)

Décalage (Displacement, 2008)

Museum or The Marble Statue (Museum o La statua di marmo, 2009)

Woman makes love with Statue

the Museum tournage (2009) - mit Petula Vach (Petra Vachouskova), Edi Mils, Alberto M. Cerri, sculptor Raphael Mondazzi, Giulia & Carola

Some shoots taken on the set of “Museum or The Marble Statue” (2009).

Trailer for Edi Mils’s Museum or The Marble Statue short film (2009).

Excerpt from Edi Mils’s Décalage short film (2008), starring model Nisha.

Excerpt from Edi Mils’s Winter Vision (2006), experimental short film.

Movie poster for Edi Mils’s “Winter Vision” [Visione Invernale] (2006)

Movie poster for Edi Mils’s “Winter Vision” [Visione Invernale] (2006)

Poster and some stills from the experimental short movie “Décalage” (2008), starring model Nisha